Chinese PGT Students’ Transitional Experiences: The Role of Social Networks

Jie Zhang from the University of Glasgow, in her poster presentation, reports on transitional experiences of Chinese students on PG taught courses.

The purpose of this research is to represent the voices of Chinese postgraduate taught students with respect to their transitional experiences in British academia. Transition in this respect entails transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies; one academic culture to another and from Chinese to British societal culture. Notably, these multiple transitions are all taking place within a short academic period, i.e. 12 months, making it very challenging for the students concerned. This research has practical implications for both Chinese postgraduate taught students and British higher institutions, especially given the number of Chinese postgraduate students studying in the UK. The nature and type of interactions surrounding the social networks that Chinese students form might reveal some interesting insights into their transitional experiences. A qualitative research method utilising photo-elicitation interviews will be employed as a part of longitudinal study. Participants will be recruited from Chinese postgraduate taught students within the University of Glasgow. Participants will be asked to take and then select photographs, which will serve as stimuli for subsequent in-depth interviews. Data will be analysed thematically using NVivo software.


The PDF version of the poster is available here.


jie-zhangJie Zhang is a second year PhD student from School of Education, University of Glasgow. I completed MSc Human Resource Management from the University of Sheffield. Her research interests are international students’ transitional experiences and social networks. You can find out more about her on the university website.


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