Evaluating the January Intake Foundation students’ evolving identities.

Kerith George-Briant, Programme Director and Director of Teaching from University of St Andrews, is going to reflect on the multidisciplinary intake of foundation students at her institution.

Using a number of pieces of student work from reflection on group work and clinical observation, to podcasts on being a student and a video on academic identity plus evaluations from the end of the foundation programme, I will take the workshop participants on my students’ journey in terms of their identity. Along the way, participants will be asked similar questions about academic identity to those asked of my students at various points within their programme. Comparisons and contrasts will be made according to the responses given. The idea is to show how a portfolio of group based project work and other supporting classes can help to build discipline specific identity. Therefore, using the students’ own voices I hope to show that a discipline specific identity is evolving and look at how the students are reacting to this evolution. Are they conforming, confronting, or adapting to the identity they are being asked to build? What can we learn from what they are saying? And how does this relate to research conducted on developing a discipline-specific identity at undergraduate level? Are there students who don’t evolve? It is also hoped that there will be time for discussion within the workshop of material and ideas used by the workshop participants in their settings that might enhance the building of a discipline-specific identity as well as time to discuss whether building a discipline-specific identity is actually crucial considering the concept of deep learning.


The presentation slides are available here and the handout here [PDF].


Kerith George-Briant has been the Programme Director of the January Intake Foundation Programme at the University of St Andrews since November 2013. This is now a multi-disciplinary intake with 24 students currently enrolled.


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