Global citizenship education: transitions into and beyond the academic community

Alison Leslie, a Teaching Fellow from the University of Leeds, is going to deliver (remotely from China so fingers crossed for technology working!) a talk on global citizenship education.

This talk and interactive discussion (workshop?) will consider if global citizenship education could help students make transitions to the academic community and beyond. Universities are recognising the need to prepare students for a future beyond their academic studies; in an interconnected world where they can engage with others to address global challenges. Global citizenship education is a transformative learning process which focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and values to do this. However the discourse around internationalisation, employability and graduate attributes has been somewhat criticised for reinforcing a more instrumental role for higher education. Within our context of helping students make the transition into the academic community there are also issues of whose identity, values and voice we are promoting. With a focus on critical literacy and open dialogue, can global citizenship education empower students to enter the academic community and challenge some of these issues? Can we invite students to really explore and negotiate their own identities, including that of global citizen?

This talk will be divided into two parts. The first will be an audio-assisted slide presentation delivered by a media-sharing platform (as the presenter will be in China). In this a theoretical framework of global citizenship education (from UNESCO) will be presented and the relevance to higher education with examples of university discourse on global citizenship. Some academic arguments on the issues will be considered and questions posed for potential discussion. Some examples of critical pedagogy will be shown which could be used to address some of the issues. The second part will be a platform for an open discussion by participants and the presenter (between Chengdu and Glasgow via Skype) on any of the issues or questions raised.


The slides from the presentation can be accessed here [PDF].

The audio version of the talk can be accessed here.


alison-leslieAlison Leslie is a Teaching Fellow at the Language Centre, University of Leeds since 2009, and specialises in EAP for pre-undergraduates and postgraduates. She has taught and directed EFL courses in secondary, further and higher education in the UK, France, Greece, Italy, Namibia and China.  Her core interest is in global citizenship (education).


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