‘Mining the materials’: a framework for student-led self-study task creation.

Adam Donnelly from the University of Glasgow explores the possibilities lesson materials present for the development of students’ identity as self-regulated learners.

Meaningful independent learning is rightly viewed as a central component of successful study in L2. But what assumptions do practitioners make about student competence and experience with self-regulated learning as they make important transitions between study contexts? This poster presentation describes and evaluates the implementation of a framework for student-led self-study task creation with a group of Foundation pre-sessional students making the transition from secondary to tertiary study with little or no concept of effective self-study practices. The trial aimed to provide a space for students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in English and establish independent learning priorities, as well as encouraging a more critical awareness of regular classroom tasks and lesson aims; ‘mining’ lesson activities as models of possible self-study tasks. Obtaining feedback at regular intervals, coupled with data from weekly reflection cycles, the investigation tracks self-reported developments in independent-study practices as students adapt to the often implicit expectations which accompany the transition to tertiary education. The presentation also highlights perceived obstacles to enhanced independent learning such as student motivation and conflicts between input and assessment.


adam-donnellyAdam Donnelly has been an EAP Tutor at the University of Glasgow for 8 years working primarily with Foundation (UG)/Pre-masters students. He also teaches on the University’s regular Year Round and summer Pre-sessional courses. His main research interests have arisen from challenges encountered on Foundation courses such as student motivation, assessment procedures and effective learner training.


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