Plenary 1: International Student Transitions During and After Study

The first plenary in the morning will be given by Professor Michele Schweisfurth from the University of Glasgow. The lecture is entitled ‘International Student Transitions During and After Study’.

International students experience important transitions as learners during their studies in higher education in the UK. Evidence shows that despite challenges, they adapt remarkably well to the demands of their courses, learning new competences, gaining confidence, and taking on new identities as learners. Beyond their studies upon their return to their home countries, how permanent and dramatic are these changes? The presentation will be based on two funded research projects by
Michele Schweisfurth and Qing Gu. The first explored the experiences of international students in the UK during their courses, and the second investigated the transitions experienced by Chinese students upon their return home and years later. The findings suggest that the adaptations to the UK learning environment have long-term impact on the emergence of a new transnational identity.


michele-schweisfurthMichele Schweisfurth is Professor of Comparative and International Education and Director of the
Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change at the University of Glasgow. She started her career as an
English teacher. You can find out more about her, her research interests, publications and teaching in her profile on the UoG website.


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